My Gear :

Electric guitars:

•Homemade Crusher/Arkane/Suhr hybrid (Überstrat) with EMGs X 81 and 60

•Hagström XL-2 Ultralux with SPCustom humbuckers PanzerBucker and Verstyle Lite

•Custom fretless guitar Jackson PS3-T / Marina hybrid with stock pickups

•Paul Beuscher Gibson ES-5 replica with stock pickups

Electric basses:

•"Homemade" Jazz Bass with Transfer body, Squier neck, custom pickguard and EMG JB active pickups

•Ibanez Ergodyne EDC 715 with stock pickups

Acoustic guitars:

•Classical Yamaha C-70

•Folk Höhfner Custom HW300

•Bell Parlor


•Vox VT-40+

•Roland Cube Bass 100

•PB Jazz M3

Microphones / Headphones:

•Mic Shure SM57

•Mic Sennheiser made of shit

•Headphones Shure SRH240

Synth / Various:

•Roland Edirol PCR-800

•Nagauta Shamisen

•Millenium electronic drums MPS-100

VST instruments:

•Toontrack EZDrummer

•Addictive Drums snare samples



•TC Electronic DesktopKonnekt 6

•Monitoring : Technics SU-Z35 with Sony SS-H77

•Guitar Pro 4 with cakewalk sfz+

•Cubase 5

•Waves GTR

•Izotope Ozone 4


Überstrat VERY RAW sound test :



The Logo:

Logo "devolution" (2013 to 2002)










Gear Links:

•Hagström •SP Custom Pickups •TC Electronic •Shure •Steinberg •EZ Drummer •Guitar Pro •Swarplug •Waves