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On this site you will find songs, video clips, news and of course links to listen many content from this project's work.

Everytime I needed to listen more and more different music styles, but when writing songs, always found better expression in metal, especially the extreme ones. I began to play bass at 16 and then discovered the guitar at 18. I quickly started to compose without any music theory notions, but could decrease that gap that I always have with the help of Guitar Pro 4. I've also played in 3 bands, that were all different styles.

In my firsts compositions, at the age of 19, I began to write songs using gp4 and then Cubase. These songs were often experimental and weird (and sounded bad^^), then I just wanted to do "noise" as a good and efficient catharsis. At last I was writing darker and less experimental songs, brutal or quiet. And many instrumentals. But very occasionally, compared to my past times where I was much more prolific (and could write lyrics easily^^). Nowadays I'd love to make out with some experimental stuff again, but luthiery takes a lot of time !

You'll find here slightly compromising extreme metal, quite experimental, simply because so much has already been done in that type.

If you find this music to be shoddy, disjointed/unstructured, vomitive, or even powerless, then be sure I've achieved one of my main goals... And don't complicate yourself with the lyrics, I always write them on-the-fly when the record is done.

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Swarmadd must evolve

After all these years of experimentation, Swarmadd will divide in 3 main branchs : Swarmadd, Wormwood and Dadfad... Of course I'm still a One-Man Band. More details in this Facebook article.




Lutherie addiction

It has been proven scientifically that building guitars without stopping can affect the way you play, as well as music composition productivity. Wait for this vegetal frenzy to slow down and new songs will come !




New songs coming

I usually release the songs one by one, but this time I'm once again preparing huge uploads. EDIT > Bullshit. I couldn't resist and posted songs as they were recorded.



pile of CPCs

Amstrad CPC Project


I'm working on a project of CPC music covers, they are in progress... Epicness from 8-bit and extreme metal ! Thanks to the great composers in these times like Rob Hubbard, Nick Jones, Kangaroo, David Whittaker, Julian Breeze, ... (This won't be released under Swarmadd... EDIT > And still pending in 2013...)

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